Supercharged CBDa Topical/Tincture – 30ml

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Our SuperCharged CBDa hemp oil tincture is the fastest acting and most effective CBDa tincture available today.

  • Premium low heat extracted hemp oil
  • All-natural patented supercharged formula
  • No pesticides, No heavy metals, No solvents
  • 3rd Party Lab Tested for Purity and Compliance
  • Federal Farm Bill Compliant – Less Than 0.3% Delta 9 THC

Natural Flavor, Can be used orally or topically

  • Size: 30 ml
  • Strength: 3,000mg CBDa
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"I had a massive break of my wrist and it always gives me issues but I just put a few drops of this stuff on a few times a day and I can notice a real reduction in stiffness and pain"

Stephanie Schwartz

Port Orange, Florida

"This stuff works better than anything I have tried, I have 22 screws in my jaw from a previous injury and continually get tension headaches, after taking supercharged CBDa I feel a significant drop in tension in my jaw and sinuses"

Jason Olson

Santa Cruz, California

"Having severe Parkinsons Supercharged CBDa allows me to rest, sleep and walk. I have frustrating, stressful, and sleepless days and nights whenever I run out. I can tell the differences in minutes. It’s a life-changer for me."

Robert Gutierrez

Sonoma , California

How To Use Topically

Step # 1

Place a few drops on to problem area

Step 2

Massage into skin for 30 seconds

Step 3

Pay attention to improvements in pain and discomfort levels, our topical will start to work in about 5 minutes.

 Massive Increase in Bioavailability

SuperCharged & Stabilized CBDa

Most CBDa products are not shelf stable and turn to CBD over time and after entering the body. Our CBDa is protected, last for years on the shelf and enters the bodily easily.

High Content CBDa

Our blends push the limits of CBDa content with 30 ml bottles containing 3000 mg of superchaged stabilized CBDa.

Raw Full Spectrum Hemp

Our hemp extract is as close to the plant as possible. Using low heat clean extraction methods we keep as much of the plant intact as possible.

Exposed Molecules

This is the secret to our revolutionary effectiveness. Our processing exposes the molecules reducing the surface tension of the molecule allowing it to easily pass through the body.

Natural Antibacterial

After exposing the molecules of added essential oils: peppermint, lavender and black pepper; our tincture / topical has all-natural antimicrobial properties.

Protected Ingredients

Being highly alkaline helps protect the CBDa, CBD, and all the cannabinoids from being damaged by the alkaline mouth and acidic body. 

Our Formulation

Highest grade all-natural ingredients

Raw Coconut Base

Purest pressed raw coconut oil from organic sources with oleic acid and beneficial enzymes added. No chemicals used in processing.

Key Essential Oils

A small amount of essential oils like peppermint , lavender and black pepper are used to give our tincture natural antimicrobial properties.

Pure Hemp Extracts

Our Hemp oil is extracted at super low temperatures leaving the major and minor cannabinoids and terpenes intact.

How is this differnt than CBD?

CBDa is does not work in the same way as CBD. CBD fits into CBD receptors in the body, CBDa does not fit into this system a lot of people have overlooked CBDa because of this. But Dr. Mechoulam and many other professionals have taken interest in CBDa in how it works within the body. Studies have shown that it is thousands of times more effective at fighting inflammation than CBD and that it acts in a similar way as popular NSAIDs by blocking the COX-2 Enzyme. Our topical oil also has a large dose of CBD along with other minor cannabinoids for optimal efficacy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Your Tincture have THC in it?

Yes, a very small amount less than 0.3% which is the legal limit to be sold as a hemp product in all 50 States. There is no way to get any mental state changes from THC at this level, but if you are taking everyday it could register on a drug test. There is no evidence that using topically will trigger a positive THC drug test.

How long does it take to work?

Orally 5 to 20 minutes, Topically 5 to 10 minutes. Our patented processing makes our CBDa easily pass through the skin into the body.

What should I use it for?

Inflammation, Although CBDa has been shown to have other beneficial properties like anti nausea we have found it to work best on acute or chronic inflammation. From arthritis to rolled ankles if you have an injury or condition that is creating inflammation it can help. If you do not have any aliments you will not get any benefit from using this tincture.

How long will one bottle last?

Depends, If you are using a half dropper 2 times a day every day a 30 ml bottle should last 1 month. If you are using for the occasional bump of bruise one bottle can last a long time and it is shelf stable for years.

Can I take with other Medications?

Please ask your physician before using our product. It most cases CBDa has very low negative side effects but some conditions require you to give it a lot more thought before taking CBDa or CBD. So please consult with your doctor before taking our products

"Having severe Parkinsons Supercharged CBDa allows me to rest, sleep and walk. I have frustrating, stressful, and sleepless days and nights whenever I run out. I can tell the differences in minutes. It’s a life-changer for me.”

Robert Gutierrez

Sonoma , California

"A previous surgery left me with nerve damage and severe pain where I was unable to walk for 10 years! I started applying Supercharged CBDa topically along the that nerve. Its working and relieving at least 70-80% of my chronic pain.”

Ed Jolly

Burlington, Vermont

“I had a massive break on my wrist and it always gives me issues but I just put a few drops of this stuff on a few times a day and I can notice a real reduction in stiffness and pain”

Stephanie Schwartz

Port Orange, Florida

Works in Minutes, Not Hours

Premium All Natural Ingredients

Exponentially More Bioavailable

Use Topically or Orally

3,000 MG of CBDa

Lightning-Fast Onset Times

Revolutionary Technology

The Anti-inflammatory Effects of Onset's Topicals

CBDa has been found to be thousands of times more effective at fighting inflammation over CBD, in preclinical studies

Supercharged CBDa Molecules

Our topical/tincture has a large amount of CBDa supercharged by our patented processing unlocking its true potential and drastically improving bioavailability.

Block COX-2 Enzyme Production

Cox-2 is an enzyme that is activated at sites of injury. It manufactures a hormone-like substance called prostaglandins, which trigger painful inflammation.

Reduction Of Inflammation & Pain

Our Supercharged CBDa blocks the COX-2 Enzymes production and reduces inflammation and pain. Acts like an all-natural alternative to over the counter NSAID's.

Our Patented Processing

Developed over 25 years this patented processing exponentially increases bioavailability

Exposing Molecules

High pressure evaporation removes the liquid surrounding key molecules in our formula exposing them and disassociating molecule chains.

Better than Nano

Nanosizing CBD definitely helps with absorption into the bloodstream but when you force something to become smaller you are increasing the surface tension. Our processes reduces surface tension allowing CBDa to travel more freely into cells.

Stabilized CBDa

CBDa is what the hemp cannabis plant produces naturally. When you expose CBDa to heat it becomes CBD. Our processing keeps CBDa intact to slightly higher temperatures allowing it to work its magic inside the body and stay CBDa to fight inflammation optimally.

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