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“I had a massive break on my wrist and it always gives my issues but I just put a few drops of this stuff on a few times a day and I can notice a real reduction in stiffness and pain”

Stephanie Schwartz

Port Orange, Florida

“This stuff works better than anything I have tried, I have 22 screws in my jaw from a previous injury and continually get tension headaches, after taking supercharged CBDa I feel a significant drop in tension in my jaw and sinuses”

Jason Olson

Santa Cruz, California

“Having severe Parkinsons Supercharged CBDa allows me to rest, sleep and walk. I have frustrating, stressful, and sleepless days and nights whenever I run out. I can tell the differences in minutes. It’s a life-changer for me.”

Robert Gutierrez

Sonoma , California
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