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Onsets mission is to support athletes around the world pursue their dreams that inspire all of us.

Share Holders / Ambassadors

We have board seats for 22 out 24 professional athletes available


We have the Up-n-Coming Affiliate Program where we have 250 non fungible tokens to giveaway to aspiring athletes in any field. Along with this token, Athletes get promotion on all of our channels and our partner channels, potential support to join events, branded clothing and an affiliate link with premium commissions.


“I had a massive break on my wrist and it always gives my issues but I just put a few drops of this stuff on a few times a day and I can notice a real reduction in stiffness and pain”

Stephanie Schwartz

Port Orange, Florida

“This stuff works better than anything I have tried, I have 22 screws in my jaw from a previous injury and continually get tension headaches, after taking supercharged CBDa I feel a significant drop in tension in my jaw and sinuses”

Jason Olson

Santa Cruz, California

“Having severe Parkinsons Supercharged CBDa allows me to rest, sleep and walk. I have frustrating, stressful, and sleepless days and nights whenever I run out. I can tell the differences in minutes. It’s a life-changer for me.”

Robert Gutierrez

Sonoma , California

Athlete Driven

Onset CBD is athlete-owned, The company has 22 seats for professional athletes to be equity holders, along with a robust system for supporting younger athletes with 250 seats to be given out to up and coming talent.


“A previous surgery left me with nerve damage and severe pain where I was unable to walk for 10 years! I started applying Supercharged CBDa topically along the that nerve. Its working and relieving at least 70-80% of my chronic pain.”

Ed Jolly

Burlington, Vermont

“I lost 39 years of traveling, 39 years of vacation…this cbda changed everything in the first week. This product could make you go forward in life. It’s like a miracle, but it’s all mechanical it builds up the system..”

Robin Churchill

Sonoma, California

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