Works in Minutes, Not Hours

Breakthrough Patented Process

Our unique blend of all-natural oils and CBDa are put through a patented process which exposes key molecules unlocking their true potential; drastically improving bioavailability.

Onset’s CBDa travels easily into the body which drastically cuts the time required for CBDa to take effect.

CBDa has been shown to be thousands of times more effective at fighting inflammation than CBD, in preclinical studies

Our formulations have 3,000 mg of CBDa per 30ml that have been extracted at low heats preserving all the cannabinoids and terpenes of the plant for the most therapeutic entourage effect.


"I had a massive break of my wrist and it always gives me issues but I just put a few drops of this stuff on a few times a day and I can notice a real reduction in stiffness and pain"

Stephanie Schwartz

Port Orange, Florida

"This stuff works better than anything I have tried, I have 22 screws in my jaw from a previous injury and continually get tension headaches, after taking supercharged CBDa I feel a significant drop in tension in my jaw and sinuses"

Jason Olson

Santa Cruz, California

"Having severe Parkinsons Supercharged CBDa allows me to rest, sleep and walk. I have frustrating, stressful, and sleepless days and nights whenever I run out. I can tell the differences in minutes. It’s a life-changer for me."

Robert Gutierrez

Sonoma , California

Why CBDa

In medical studies, CBDa has shown to be thousands of times more effective at reducing inflammation than CBD.

CBDa blocks Cox2 enzymes to reduce inflammation and pain. It functions very similarly to popular NSAIDs but is an all-natural alternative. It works differently than CBD focusing on all types of inflammation.

Onset’s CBDa is what we call Supercharged CBDa. Our oils are put through a patented evaporation process where it is stabilized, protected and has its surface tension decreased so the CBDa can easily be accepted into the body.

Our tinctures and topicals have extremely fast onset times and the best way to see the benefits is to use it for yourself we have had hundreds of positive comments from users of our Supercharged CBDa.


Our Formulation

Highest grade all-natural ingredients

Raw Coconut Base

Purest pressed raw coconut oil from organic sources with oleic acid and beneficial enzymes added. No chemicals used in processing.

Key Essential Oils

A small amount of essential oils like peppermint , lavender and black pepper are used to give our tincture natural antimicrobial properties.

Pure Hemp Extracts

Our Hemp oil is extracted at super low temperatures leaving the major and minor cannabinoids and terpenes intact.

Our Patented Processing

Developed over 25 years this patented processing exponentially increases bioavailability

Exposing Molecules

High pressure evaporation removes the liquid surrounding key molecules in our formula exposing them and disassociating molecule chains.

Better than Nano

Nanosizing CBD definitely helps with absorption into the bloodstream but when you force something to become smaller you are increasing the surface tension. Our processes reduces surface tension allowing CBDa to travel more freely into cells.

Stabilized CBDa

CBDa is what the hemp cannabis plant produces naturally. When you expose CBDa to heat it becomes CBD. Our processing keeps CBDa intact to slightly higher temperatures allowing it to work its magic inside the body and stay CBDa to fight inflammation optimally.

Athlete Driven

Onset Extracts is on a mission to be an athlete-owned company, we have 20 seats available for professional athletes to be equity holders, along with a robust system for supporting younger athletes with 250 seats to be given out to up and coming talent in an Elite Athlete Affiliate program.


“A previous surgery left me with nerve damage and severe pain where I was unable to walk for 10 years! I started applying Supercharged CBDa topically along the that nerve. Its working and relieving at least 70-80% of my chronic pain.”

Ed Jolly

Burlington, Vermont

“I lost 39 years of traveling, 39 years of vacation…this cbda changed everything in the first week. This product could make you go forward in life. It’s like a miracle, but it’s all mechanical it builds up the system..”

Robin Churchill

Sonoma, California
“I have severe arthritis and I was extremely skeptical about if a CBD product would work for me but this one did, I am using it daily and it helps”

Dan Kelly

Bend, Oregon
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